Get Your Car Ready to Sell

How to Prepare Your Car to Sell

So, you’re finally ready to sell your old ride. Be it an old beat up workhorse or a shiny well-maintained daily driver, there are a few key steps you can take to ensure you get top dollar for your car. This short guide will walk you through a basic checklist of actionable items for preparing your car to sell.

Clean It Out 

When ready to sell your car, it’s important to make sure the car is emptied out. This is for a few reasons. First off, a clean car is going to be more attractive to potential buyers. When going for that test drive, your potential purchaser doesn’t want to shove aside fast food boxes to get into the seat. It is also important to completely clean out all compartments to make sure nothing important has been left behind.

Wash It Up 

Just as important as getting all of the objects out of your car, is cleaning up the outside. Go through the car wash, or scrub it down in your driveway, but make that car sparkle! Take care to scrub the tires, bumpers, and roof. Start at the top of the car and work your way down, to avoid creating extra work for yourself! If you are really feeling ambitious and want to add more value, wax it too. Remember, washing a car can be a great activity for the whole family!

Take Care of the Little Things 

If your car needs an oil change, get it done. It’s a small expense but it also shows a potential buyer that you are maintaining the vehicle regularly. Make sure the tires are topped with air and that no Check Engine Lights are on. Are the vent fans working properly? Each little thing matters when assessing the worth of a car. Some buyers may even request that these items be fixed before purchase anyway, so you might as well take the initiative. The greater number of smaller things you can fix on your own first, the higher the asking price.

Research your pricing 

Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and Auto Trader are examples of a few websites where you can get a feel for value and pricing. Make sure you know all the details about your car when you are ready to price it. Know all the extra features i.e.) leather seats, upgraded sound system, etc. If your car is a specific version of a model, know that too, for example, you may own a Mitsubishi Lancer, but is it a Mitsubishi Lancer EX? The more you know, the more accurate your quote will be. Chances are, your customers are also going to check the price of your car online before negotiating begins.

Know Your Bottom Line 

Everyone wants to come out on top. A big part of selling or purchasing a car is the negotiation. Know your bottom-line figure. Do you have a loan on this car? Do you need to make enough for the down payment on your next vehicle? These are important questions to consider before deciding what your cut off amount is. The buyer may want a great bargain, but a well-prepared, quality vehicle will be worth agreeing to a higher price.


Find a Great Place to Set Up 

Now that your car is looking shiny and new, it’s time to decide where to park it. Advertising on Facebook Marketplace (buy/sell/trade pages) and Craigslist is wonderful, but you would be surprised how many calls you will get from people who drove by, spied that beautiful vehicle, and decided they had to call and inquire about it. It is also important to have information prominently displayed so that potential buyers know who to contact. It is also a good idea to make sure the car is in a location where drivers can pull over to take down your information.

What About Painting?

Lastly, Econo Auto Painting is, as our name states (!), specialists in economical auto painting and body repairs. If your car has clear coat failure or sun damage – a quick and low-cost paint job will give it that extra shine and may help you sell faster and for a higher price! Check here for an Econo Location near you. Estimates are always free and you just might be surprised at our prices!



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