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emergency car kit

Should You Have an Emergency Kit in Your Car?

Have you ever thought about getting stranded on the side of the highway with car trouble – a flat tire, bad battery? What’s worse is realizing you have nothing in the car to help you.

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cellphone in handsfree in car - econo auto painting

The Good Things About Driving With a Cellphone

A Mobile Phone in The Car Can be a Lifesaver By now we all know that driving while using your cellphone is a bad idea. It is known as distracted …

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car dashcam

Should You Buy a Dashcam?

We Look Into the Benefits of Having an Onboard Camera in Your Car   Are you a safe driver? You don’t speed, you use your turn signal whenever you turn …

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high mileage odometer

Should You Buy a High Mileage Car?

Is buying a high mileage vehicle a good idea? Choosing a new car is more than just picking a vehicle with street cred at a good price, you need to …

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car accident econo auto painting can fix

Understanding Your Car Insurance

Yes, Every Driver Needs Car Insurance Everyone knows you can’t drive your car without insurance. Well, you “can” but you’re in for a sizeable fine if you get caught, and …

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new car dealership

Americans are Keeping Their Cars Longer in 2019

100,000 Miles is Nothing! Back in 2014 we posted a blog about Americans keeping their cars longer than ever. Back then it was 11.4 years according to several sources. The …

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Family Road Trip

Is Your Family Ready for a Summer Road Trip?

Getting Ready for a Family Road Trip You’ve got the time off work, the kids are out of school and you are in the final planning phase of your summer …

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Safety Tips for Your Children

8 Car Safety Tips for Your Children

Keep Your Kids Safe in the Car With summer fast approaching, the time spent in your car with your children is likely to increase. As a reminder, Econo has put …

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Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Keep Your Teenager Safe on The Road If you’re the proud parent of a teen just about to hit the road with a brand-new permit or license, you’re probably concerned …

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