It’s Important to Prepare Your Car for Emergencies

You Can’t be Too Prepared

Floods, wildfires, hurricanes, storms, and whatnot – the world has seen an increasing number of natural disasters in the past few years. Every year, we see horrifying images and scary videos from all across the globe due to emergency situations, natural and man made. 

Getting stuck in an emergency can be a terrifying experience, especially when it is on the road. With the right emergency preparation, you can face this situation with much more confidence and substantially reduced consequences.

When people prepare for emergencies, they usually focus on their homes. However, it is also extremely important to ready your car for emergencies as you never know when it might be your lifeline.  

Importance of preparing your car for emergencies

Our vehicles take us everywhere we want to go. Whether you want to head out for fun, carry out your chores, or go to school, you usually go in your car. As well, depending on circumstances, you may have to drive your automobile to escape an emergency. You could be stranded while out in your car or need to evacuate your home, either way, you will need to rely on your car.

Moreover, emergency situations such as floods, hurricanes, fires, and snowstorms often come with power outages. Besides being your mode of transport and safe place during an emergency, your car might also be the only source of power to you. It may be the only place where you could charge your phones and batteries. Your phone could be your lifeline in an emergency. Another reason to be prepared.

How to prepare the car for an emergency situation?

Now you know how important it is to include readying your car in your emergency preparedness plans. Making sure your car is equipped for a natural disaster includes keeping an emergency kit in your car and ensuring that your car can endure the situation.

  • Preparing an emergency kit

Being in your car during an emergency may be unavoidable.  You may be stuck due to traffic during an evacuation or an unexpected snowstorm or heavy rain may mean you could spend long periods of time inside your car. Therefore, you should keep a “go bag” or an emergency kit in your car at all times.

Make sure to stock this emergency kit with all the essentials you might need during this time. 

  • Readying the car itself

Sometimes evacuation is the best way of keeping safe in an emergency situation. You should make sure your car is in sufficiently good condition to drive you away from the dangers of an emergency. Hopefully your car is being maintained if you live in a disaster prone area. Just in case, make sure your car is ready for a disaster emergency:

  • Make sure your car has plenty of gas.
  • Make sure your engine oil is topped up.
  • Check your tire’s pressure.
  • Check your car’s fluids (transmission, steering, windshield wiper)
  • Good tires can be a lifesaver in a snowstorm or heavy rains.


To be able to act quickly and effectively in an emergency, your plan should include the possibility of needing your car to drive away from danger. Therefore, you should always keep your vehicle tuned up with regular maintenance and repairs.

After all, preparedness is the name of the game when it comes to emergencies, and your car is right on top of the items that must be in good working order.



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