Customer Reviews

Took my son’s 2001 Pontiac Sunfire there. Badly faded paint and clear coat peeling. These guys gave us a great price and the workmanship and quality seems better than what we paid for. Taking them my car soon.

Wil H.

So very helpful. Will be recommending them a lot.

Velma F.

Words can’t even describe what I’m feeling , maybe because I’m still in shock ! The paint job was breath taking, not only are they very professional, my vehicle looked like it just rolled off the show room floor ! I’d recommend them to the pope if he needed his car painted !

V. Bee

These guys are great! They got me in the same day I came for an estimate, it was done very quickly and I’m completely satisfied with my car! You can’t do much with older car, but an affordable new paint job brought an easy new life to it! The guys were friendly and funny and accommodating! Thank you, Econo Auto Painting & Body Works of Lakeland!

Tricia W.

One of the best places get paint jobs n great people

Timothy W.

I just picked up my car from econo auto paint.i am so pleased with it much more than I expected. It truly looks new I will go back to them if I ever need a car painted.very friendly people an I got it bk in 2 days.i will recommend them to neighbors next door are an older couple they were priced 7000 from some place now they have seen mine an they are going to econo for estimate on theirs.i can’t thank econo enough mine looks new I’m tickled pink.thank you so very much awesome job u did for me..

Terry B.

I just had my third car painted and very pleased with the paint jobs. Mike backs the warranties and very pleasant and professional!

Teresa H.

This place is a very good place very friendly very helpful and doesn’t mind going that extra mile to make their customers happy they made my 27 year old buick look new!!!!! Thanks alotttt

Tay F.

I took my 96 Nissan pickup here because it was in need of a paint job. My friend told me it was affordable and for the price it was good quality. I wasn’t expecting much but my expectations were far exceeded when I picked it up today. I got it back after just two days with a great job done, I will definitely recommend to others and be back myself.

Tanner G.

Love my repairs I turn more heads on the road at red lights!

Shonda M.

Amazing work on this paint job! Extremely friendly and professional. The van looks great, the price was unbeatable, and the job was done in 1 day! What? If you need a quick cheap paint job, definitely check out ECONO in Kissimmee!

Scott V.

Fantastic job at an affordable price and the customer service was exceptional! Ray who assisted us was very courteous, knowledgeable and honest. You can tell he’s just an overall nice guy and great employee. I highly recommended them for your auto body needs!

Samantha R.

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