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Thank you again for the excellent job you all did on my car. I have been to you all a few times over the years and have always appreciated the work you do. The service is courteous, the price is reasonable and the work is completed in a timely manner. In a time of inflation and price gouging, I felt this was a very good deal. Thank you.

Irene O’B

Roy Bryn1 Black is one of the trickiest color to do but they nailed it

Roy B.

robert miller I live in south Arkansas and I got my 2006 Chrysler town and country painted charcoal grey from a puke green at the Democrat road location about 3 years ago. I waited to post a review because it was a very good paint job but I just knew it was not gonna last. Well, my job still looks good and I work at a chemical plant that kills paint jobs. I am gonna call Monday to try to get my son’s 2010 camry painted. My job on my van was $450 but they smoothed out 5 dents.

Robert M.

Dee Raimondi
My 10 year old Hyundai Sonata needed a painting. I was coming home from a friend’s house and saw a truck with an ad for vehicle painting. Made a mental note of the company name and filed it away in my head for future use. Six months passed and my car looked even worse. Looked the place up. Went in for an estimate and was wowed by the price. Brought the car back about 10 days later. 2-1/2 days after I dropped it off I got a call that my car was ready.. I’m totally blown away. My car looks like a new car. Family and friends are amazed. James (pretty sure he is the boss) was fantastic. I told him I just wanted my “baby” to look nice again. He didn’t try to push me for anything extra and the end result is I have a 10 year old car that looks like new and runs great. Thank you James. I’ll definitely be recommending Econo Auto Painting to anyone who needs their vehicle painted.

Dee R.

Brandtley Melland
This was awesome! I came in knowing it wouldn’t be a 6k type job but this was one of the biggest bang for my bucks ever. Ray was awesome too, super friendly, informative and overall just a nice guy.

Brandtley M.

Vicky Riley
I took my 2007 Dodge Nitro to Kevin it was starting to become baked from the sun. She was red when I dropped her off. When I returned the next day she was Barbie pink they did an awesome job. She is such a conversation piece I fell in love with her all over again. Thank you all again especially Kevin if I need a touch up I know where to go.

Vicky R.

Lakesia Jones
Outstanding customer service,speedy work just a awesome all around experience thank you so much Mr Sean

Lakesia J.

Lene CharlesExceed my expectations very nice wonderful job… before coming i did read the reviews but everybody has a different experience. My experience was excellent my 2008 Range rover look like i got a brand new car. The woman in the front office is amazing she tell it like it is wonderful personality…beautiful inviting. Your reply

Lena C.

Destiny Sellers
 2 days ago i just got my first car and she definitely needed some cosmetic fixing. i was looking around and got some quotes starting at $1,500 and ranging all the way to almost 10k. i’m not a paint specialist and getting my car painted wasnt worth that much to me. i felt so frustrated thinking i was gonna have to spend around 2,000 just for paint when i had other things i needed done to it as well. thankfully my mom who is all the wiser, mentioned that econo had really good pricing. so we went for it and let me just say i’m so happy with the job they did and the price of everything! i chose the black cherry and also ordered a front lip and back spoiler for them to install and it all came out so very nicely!! it looks exactly how i imagined 🙂 thank u all so much !! here are some before and afters

Destiny S.

Todd Collins
Just changed office personnel. Still knowledgeable and for the price a great job. Hard to believe the quote is real but thankfully it was. Just got my car back and it looks wonderful.

Todd C.

Faye Chapman
We brought my husband’s black Mustang to be painted. There were some burn marks on it after someone tried to buff it. The clear coat was burned off in a few places. We honestly wanted the car to look nice again. The job they did far exceeded our expectations! I would recommend them to anyone who asks. The staff was very professional, also. Thank you all for making my husband’s car look great again!!!

Faye C.

Dick Chainy
I very pleased with the job these guys did. they brought my / my moms old car back to life. was referred here by my uncle in juliette and I’m glad i took their advice??? and a great price!

Dick C.