Customer Reviews

David Lamppin

I just had my old Silverado painted green and grey at this location and Jim really made it happen! It was kind of a tricky job because the truck is 32 years old so that comes with it’s challenges but he made it work and I really appreciate it. I’ll recommend this location to anyone looking for a reasonably priced paint job and tell them to make sure they ask for Jim. Just an fyi to anyone thinking about getting a vehicle painted here. Paint jobs sometimes have minor flaws. Give the shop a chance to make it right before speaking poorly of them in a review.

David L.

Barry Christensen

Victor and his crew of professionals are running an outstanding paint shop. I am incredibly impressed with the shopping experience and attention to detail in the finished product. This company is a Shining star in our community! The work was completed on time and was a great value

Barry C.

Stephanie Green

We took my 79’ D150 here from our previous experience with my husband’s car, which came out amazing.

We couldn’t be happier with the paint choices we made and how much better the truck stands out. No runs, fish eyes, or any paint defect that we could find. Made it all the way to Iowa with both vehicles and 0 issues.

Want to say thanks to the people at Economic for making this truck alive again. Highly recommend going here and supporting this local business with the great work they do!!!

Stephanie G.

Curtis Glisson Absolutely one of the best paint companies in Columbus. And the staff members are very nice, and the man behind the counter, i think Jessie is his name. he will take his time and work with you if you have any small or big problems very professional. Also you don’t have to worry if you leave something in your vehicle it will be put up for safe keeping until you come pick it up, like my phone i forgot about. Thanks again for the wonderful work ya’ll did on my 1989 Silverado

Curtis G.

Cacie Braley This place was awesome. My 16yo was gifted a car that could use a little love and they guys here did an amazing job for his budget. Looks like a brand new car. It took them less than a week to get the job done. I definitely recommend this place to anyone on a budget.

Cacie B.

Charlene McCool
I can’t say enough about my amazing experience with econo. My Jeeps paint was in pathetic condition due to the Florida sun breaking down my clear coat and then breaking down my paint. When I came back two days later I could not believe the transformation of my car. It looks brand new. The guys did a fantastic job restoring what looked like a very badly kept car. I love my Jeep and did not choose to trade it in for another and another car loan so I decided to restore it. I just can’t part with my Jeep. Brian, mike and the rest of the crew are very courteous and are there to make their clients happy which of course, in my case they were very successful. They are .. more than willing to go the extra mile so to speak. Brian runs a very efficient shop and is very knowledgeable. He’s also a sweetheart, can’t do enough for you. I’m pretty picky when it comes to my car. They made me very happy and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys for a job very well done. I’m writing this review at night but I will post a picture of the wonderful job they did.

Charlene McC

Nicolette Slavens They did a fantastic job on my 2005 Toyota Camry. Since then my brother went with his work truck and my nephew went with his car and all three of us were completely satisfied!

Nicolette S.

Katrina Rojas I had an amazing experience with the Daytona Econo team. I was worried at first, not really knowing what to expect, because I’ve never had to get a paint job until now. I knew they gave free estimates from what I’d seen on their site and when I called to confirm, so I went in asking for one on Friday. The manager, Ray, tells me ‘OK, free estimate, that’ll be $3″ — the funniest thing I’d heard all day. At that moment, I just had a great feeling about them. I mean come on, that’s a great joke. Tad helped me understand the pricing of the different kinds of work they’d do on the car and was very transparent and detailed with everything. He broke down the pricing for me during his inspection of the car and afterward. My car in particular needed some extra sanding love because it had looked like a cat’s scratching post, but the cost for that additional labor was still very economical. They wrote up different versions of the estimate for me, depending on whether I wanted a new front bumper or not. I could keep my current bumper or the alternative was to get a new bumper, wheel wells, retainers, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten about now, but the cost would obviously be more for the parts and labor. Tad called his body work guy right then and there to ask for prices – which was impressively honest and considerate – he could have given me a “more or less” estimate, but he gave me actual numbers as of that day and I really appreciated that extra step. I decided to keep my current bumper since I’d been driving with it taped up for years now anyway. They gave me the total price, I confirmed it shouldn’t change, dropped it off the next morning on Saturday, it was ready for pickup today Tuesday. I almost didn’t recognize my car. It was red again!! And all one beautiful shiny color!! Apparently, I was lucky to have had the best painter work on my car, Bryan with a Y. He did a phenomenal job – my car looks brand new and it was 100% worth the price. I will refer anyone and everyone to that team who needs a paint job. I was very pleased with not only the work they did, but their friendliness and transparency above all. Thank you all so much!!!

Katrina R.

Diamond Owens Absolutely loved my experience. They get pretty busy but they have a great turn around time. Took my car to get painted, they got it done faster than I expected. Loved the outcome! What’s even better is that the staff are all down to earth and they listen to your opinions and offer the best solutions. Another great thing about this business is that they do honor their warranty policy and if anything is not to your liking, they take responsibility and get it fixed properly although I did not have any issues. Highly recommended!

Diamond O.

cindy smith I loved how friendly and fast their service was. GREAT paint job on my car and best price. There was no hardcore upselling. Very upfront with pricing and business practice. I am a 100% satisfied customer.

Cindy S.

metri ramdin $462 for a paint job!! got my car back quickly-dropped it off friday and got it back tuesday. For low cost paint jobs, definitely recommend this place. IGNORE the negative people posting on this business they’re really good.

Metri R.


Carrie S.