Customer Reviews

Great. Job

John G.

My truck had rust from weather and rain. And when it was finished it looked amazing.

Natalie J.

Economic way to spruce up your ride.

Jim R.

They did a good Job on my car. They change the color from red to black.

Javier G.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! to the folks at Econo Auto Painting. You have exceeded my expectations and brought new life to my old friend. The price was right, turnaround sooner than anticipated and very nice work!! Morgan is super to work with… so go see her and she will take good care of you!!

Chris N.

I took my 2002 Dodge pickup to them and they gave me an estimate. I was satisfied with the amount they told me and left my truck with them on Monday, August 27, 2018. I got it back today, August 30, 2018. Prior to taking it to them, I had done a little sanding and applied some Bondo and some primer. Hey, it’s an old truck, and I just wanted it to look good. The paint had oxidized in places, that’s why I did the sanding, etc. it had a few dings on it, here and there, as well as a couple scratched places. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, so I didn’t EXPECT it to BE perfect. They did exactly what they said they would do and I am completely satisfied with the job they did! For an OLD truck, it looks great to me!! Thanks Econo!

Judy H

I brought my daughter’s car in on a Monday morning in hopes we would be able to get it back in order for her to leave for school later that week. Got a call the next morning stating that her car was ready! Thank you Pam for a job well done!!!!!

Patrick H.

Very professional! The manager had a great personality, went over everything with me, made sure I was pleased with the paint job done. I love my car all over again. Someone asked me if I had a new car. Prices are great!!

Cheryl H.

They are miracle workers. My 1995 Toyota Corolla’s paint was so faded and spotty it looked tie-dyed. The car ran great but I was embarrassed by its appearance. It now looks like a brand new car. A bonus is the wonderful people who were so helpful. It was beyond anything I hoped for.

Barbara C.

Quality work for fair prices. Matched a 37 yr old paint color better than most.

Joshua W.

I took one of my cars to Econo-Paint – Spartanburg earlier this year and they did a great job!! I have a 2004 Hyndai Sante Fe SUV that is in great shape but had a badly peeling clear coat. Because of the age and value of the car, it was not practical for me to go spend $2000+ on a high end paint job. I needed a decent paint job but I didn’t want to break the bank over it. I was really skeptical about using a production paint shop but that was the only sensible choice for this vehicle. I ended up spending around $450 for one of their better packages with an integrated clear coat. I could not be happier given the price that I paid. The work was very well done and a lot of attention seems to have been given in removing part of the trim as well as a good taping job. It is a nice smooth glossy finish. When I tell folks what I paid for it, they cannot believe it. It has been on there for around 6 months now and still looks great. I am getting ready to do a good polishing and waxing on it and I’m sure it will look even better then. The folks that I dealt with were extremely friendly and seemed to be very honest and upfront in all that they told me. I am one happy customer!!

Danny C.

Thanks to Mike at Econo Paint and Body Daytona. They did a great job on my 2015 Chevy Malibu. Fast and affordable. Amazing service!

Nathan L.