Should You Buy a Dashcam?

We Look Into the Benefits of Having an Onboard Camera in Your Car


Are you a safe driver? You don’t speed, you use your turn signal whenever you turn or merge, and you don’t text and drive. You know the basics and you’re a careful driver, yet you still find yourself in near misses or car accidents. The problem isn’t you, the problem is everyone else on the road and there is nothing you can do about it. While you can’t stop other people from driving recklessly and putting your life in danger, there is something you can do to ensure that you don’t get blamed for someone else’s mistake – a dashboard camera, also known as a dashcam.

While dashcams can be a little expensive they are a great investment in your future. You simply mount the dashcam on your dashboard or windshield and go. The camera hooks up to your cars power supply and begins recording and storing that information immediately when the car is turned on. The cameras will record up to 12 hours of footage and then begin recording over old footage unless you remove the SD card. These cameras are made to film at high speeds and in adverse weather conditions. All these features mean that there is no reason to even think about the dashcam until you need it.

Is a Dashcam Really Necessary? You Decide

Now you might be asking yourself, why do I need a dashcam? Great question. The first and possibly the most important reason is to make sure you are void of fault in the event fault is difficult to determine or there are no eyewitnesses. While this may seem fairly straight forward, insurance fraud is common, and a popular way to attempt insurance fraud can be through driving accidents. Hard to believe there are people out there who drive around looking for an opportunity to “cause” an “accident” so they can claim injury. Dashcam footage can’t prevent a car accident but it assist if someone tries to take advantage of you and your insurance with a bogus claim. Additionally, dashcam footage can help you get out of a traffic violation. In the case that you believe you were in the right, you can simply go back through that footage to find the exact moment the traffic violation supposedly happened and check. If you are right, you can use that footage to argue in court.

A Dashboard Camera Gives You Some Insight into how Others are Driving Your Car

The last reason why getting a dashcam might benefit you, is to check your driving habits or the driving habits of those using your cars. Children and spouses who drive your car may not be as cautious on the road as you are. Now you can look back through the footage to see how well they are driving. Knowing you will be watching their driving habits, even if you aren’t in the car, will hold them accountable and encourage them to drive safely.

While a dashcam can cost you a bit of money upfront, it can save you money down the road. Installation is simple, and the benefits are well worth the cost. Not only does it provide a make sure you don’t take the blame for the mistakes of others, but it will ensure you hold yourself to a higher standard on the road. USA Today has some good advice on what to look for when buying a dashcam.


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