White Van Peeling? Econo Has the Solution

White Van Repaint

Driving around any city or town and you will see dozens of older Chevy and GMC vans with paint peeling off in big patches on the hood and roofline. Vans manufactured during the years of 2000 – 2010 are known by many owners to have issues with peeling paint. Anyone who owns one of these vans knows this is a common problem, and as an owner, you are likely not happy with how this represents your business. We spoke to owners to find out why they hadn’t had their vans painted and most gave two big reasons:

#1 Time off the road and  #2 Cost

Bring Your Van in For A Free Estimate

We understand that as a small business owner or independent contractor your vehicle is your lifeline. You are dependent on it to get you to the job and to carry all of your equipment, materials and supplies. When your van is off the road you need to find an alternative to get you back and forth to work. That’s why we promise to get your vehicle back to you in the shortest possible time. Your vehicle will be given fast attention so that we can get you and your van back on the road.

We’ve painted hundreds of these vans and wanted to get the message out that you don’t have to drive around ashamed of your work vehicle. At Econo® our goal is to offer value for money and we promise to work with you on your budget to get your van looking good quickly at a price you can afford.

Hurry down to your nearest Econo® Auto Painting location for a Free Estimate and get your van looking good again!

Visit the “Locations” page on our website to find a location near you. We have 30 locations in the Southeast.



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